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Hole by Hole Tour

In lieu of our pristine course conditions and classic lay-out, the Club has been honored to host qualifying rounds for the United State Mid-Amateur, United States Junior-Amateur Championships and the Nebraska Golf Association Match Play and Four Ball Championship.

Please click a tab below for Hole Information & Photography:

  • Hole #1

    This slight dog leg left par 4 can get you off on the right foot to your day. A tee shot favoring the middle right side of the fairway is ideal for a fairly simple approach shot. This large green slopes from left to right and depending on speed, can leave you off the green.

  • Hole #2

    Depending on wind direction, this par 5 down the hill can be reached in two for big hitters. A tee shot favoring middle right side of fairway will give you the best chance to stay in the fairway as it slopes severe from right to left. A decision to lay back from the tree guarding the front of the green will be your next dilemma. Pin placements on the left side of this green will make it difficult to get it close as the green slopes from right to left.

  • Hole #3

    This hard dog leg left par 4 will make you think. A long iron or fairway wood down the middle will leave you a good look into this difficult green and avoid hitting it through the fairway. Big Hitters can take out the driver and carry the large cotton wood on the left side leaving you a very short wedge. This double tier green makes it want of the toughest greens to putt on.

  • Hole #4

    This straight forward par 3 is a good one but depending on wind direction, can cause some problems. This green is guarded by a large bunker on the left side and tees shots missed left and long will become a difficult up and down. Get it on the green and take your chances with the putter.

  • Hole #5

    This is one of the more difficult holes on the course. The tee shot is essential in favoring right side of fairway as it slopes severely right to left. A drive 250 yards would be ideal for setting you up for rather difficult 2nd. More than likely your ball will be above your feet so expect your ball to go a little left to this uphill green.

  • Hole #6

    The ideal line for this tee shot is the last tree on the left side of the fairway. A tee shot hit 250 yards is a good play here on that line and will set you up looking downhill to this large green. The green slopes good from back to front and subtle mounds will make it difficult to get the ball close.

  • Hole #7

    You finally have some relief and a chance to get some of the bogey’s back on this reachable par 5. Favoring the middle left side of fairway will give you a clear look at this narrow green. Club selection is key if you want to walk away with a birdie or a chance at an eagle here.

  • Hole #8

    One of the great holes at Platteview Golf Club. This difficult par 3 makes club selection key. Even If you find the green, it is not unusual to have a 40 foot putt.  Check wind direction before pulling the club back. A par here is a good one!

  • Hole #9

    You may not want to leave anything in the bag on this tee shot. This difficult par 4 up the hill can play extremely long. Favor the middle right side of the fairway to give you a reasonable second shot into this elevated green protected by bunkers.

  • Hole #10

    This gradual dog leg left is a good one. Favoring middle left of this fairway can put a mid-iron in your hands. This hole is protected by a difficult green that slopes hard from back to front. Over the green on this hole will leave you a very difficult up and down.

  • Hole #11

    Welcome to the back nine! It is not all about length on this tee shot but more on accuracy. A tee shot hit 220 yards middle left of the fairway will provide you a good look for your second shot. Be sure to favor middle right when hitting your second as the fairway slopes hard from right to left. Short iron into this green for your third over water makes you think. Keep it under the hole will give you a better chance to make birdie.

  • Hole #12

    This up-hill par 4 is one of the prettiest on the course. Favor your tee shot down the middle right side to avoid your ball kicking into the left rough. Club selection is key into this narrow green that falls off on the left side. A second shot to the middle part of this green is all you want to do. 

  • Hole #13

    This is where the golf course begins. An accurate tee shot here is essential if you want to walk away with a par or better. A 3 wood or hybrid is the club of choice for most players. Aim down the middle and trust it. This will give you a good look into this green that sits in a cavity.

  • Hole #14

    One of our signature holes for this course. This beautiful par 3 calls for an accurate tee shot to avoid the bunkers that heavily protect this deep green. Hit the green and a 2 putt will give you some momentum heading in the last four.

  • Hole #15

    This picturesque par 4 made it the Omaha World Herald Golf Hall of Fame. A good tee shot down the middle left side of the fairway is essential in getting to this green in regulation. Your second shot into this elevated green will have be trusted by the line you choose as the green is not visible. Factor in the up-hill and swing away. Avoid left!

  • Hole #16

    Course Management is key on this difficult par 5. A good tee shot down the middle left side of this fairway is ideal. It will give choices on whether to attack this hole by carrying the pond or laying up for your third. This uphill elevated green is not an easy one to hit with bunkers short and behind it. Get your par here and you feel like you won the US Open!

  • Hole #17

    Welcome to the longest par 3 on the course. Missing the green short and right is not all that bad. Making a par here is great score. Avoid left and long!

  • Hole #18

    It is been awhile since you had to step on a driver. Now is the time. This slight dog-leg right up the hill is a great finishing hole. Avoid the right side as the hazard will come into play for many. Get your par here and you accomplished something. 


Platteview Golf Club
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